The Trusted Residential Carpet Specialists in the Austin and Georgetown, TX Area

Find the right carpet to match your needs, budget and style.
Why Carpet?
There’s no flooring product more versatile, comfortable and stylish.
Carpet is a favorite among Austin metro area residents because it is comfortable, quiet and comes in an extensive range of colors and styles that will suit any tastes and budget. As the foundation of your home’s interior décor, carpet can convey a look that is elegant, simple, cozy or even eclectic. Floor King’s friendly, knowledgeable carpet experts will help you navigate our vast selection and determine the ideal style for your unique needs and wants.

Carpet Style
From classic to contemporary, Floor King is sure to have the carpeting style you seek.
Whether you’re interested in sprucing your home up with modern carpeting or you’d like to stick to a more traditional style, we’re confident we have just what you’re looking for, at a price that will absolutely floor you.

For carpet with a warm, natural appearance that’s perfect for high-traffic areas of your home, durable Berber may be ideal. Looking for something a little more formal for areas such as your living or dining room? Our luxurious, plush or Saxony styles will be right up your alley. And if it’s maximum comfort you’re looking for, there’s nothing that can compare to our shag and cable styles. Stop by one of our three Austin area locations to view samples of any carpet style you’d like today!

Carpet Color
When it comes to carpet color, your imagination is the only limit.
Thanks to our unmatched variety of carpet colors and styles, you can be sure you’ll find the perfect hue for your Austin or Georgetown area home. If an elegant appearance is what you’re after, we invite you to consider our assortment of white, tan and beige carpeting. Wanting something that’s a bit more vibrant and dramatic? Peruse our selection of bold offerings available in virtually every color imaginable.

Carpet Tips and Insights
Concerned carpet may be too high-maintenance for you? Rest assured it doesn’t have to be.
Contrary to popular belief, carpet doesn’t have to be high-maintenance. If you adhere to a few of our cardinal rules of carpeting, your home’s flooring will look marvelous for many, many years to come. First, vacuum your carpet frequently. Second, don’t give stains a chance to set – remove them as quickly as possible. Finally, be sure to hire a professional carpet cleaner at least every two years. It’s truly that simple!
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